Mumbai is a city, Bombay is an emotion. 

Mumbai has always been very close to my heart, I love the liveliness of the city and the fact that this city never sleeps. 

Mumbai street food has a wide range of options for every type of foodie. Here are my personal 10 favourite street food in Mumbai.

1. Breadkraft Franky: If you want to taste the most delicious mouth watering frankies, Breadkraft at Lokhandwala is the best place to have it. They have even started giving wheat franky for the health freaks. 

Personal favourite: Veg Cheese Schezwan

2. Bade Miya Rolls: These little rolls of heaven will surely make you fall in love with rolls all over again. You can grab a bite in Colaba, South ‘Bombay’

Personal Favourite: Seekh Kabab Roll 

3. Bachelorrs: Bachelorrs has a wide ranged menu from pizzas to creams. I loved the fact that you can sit in the car enjoy the marine view and have what you have ordered. 

Personal Favourite : Black Gold Premium Chocolate Shake 

4. Dosas: The dosa thella in front of Shri  Bhaidas Manganlal Sabhaggrah, near Mithibai has 44 different kinds of dosas you can choose from. Its really fun to watch how passionately its made with love and lots of butter. 

Personal Favourite: Pizza Dosa

5. Sitafal Cream: This one is my husband’s personal favourite. I don’t have any preference for creams but when I had Sitafal cream at Hajiali it was an experience in itself. If you like fresh creams, its worth a try. 

6. Jantar Mantar: Jantar Mantar is an outlet in Juhu, where they actually stuff a naan with your favourite filling and make it in tandoor. The output is simply sumptuous. 

Personal Favourite: Butter Paneer Naan. 

7. Vada Paav: Ahh! The famous vada paav of Mumbai, there is no place in mumbai where you would not get a yum vada paav. My sugesstion for vada paavs is simple, have it from anywhere its going to be yum! 

8.  Paav Bhaji: I love to eat paav bhaji at juhu chowpathy. You can try it at any outlet there all are equally good.

9. Kulfi: The kulfi walas in front of Taj, near Gateway of India is another favourite of mine. The simplicity of its taste is what won my heart.

10. Apsara Ice-cream Centre: Apsara at lokhandwala has wide range of natural hand churned ice-creams. All ice-creams are claimed to be made from natural fruits. No doubt when you taste them they are really fresh.

Personal Favourite: Guava Chilli (you definitely need to try this!)  


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