Okay, girls!! So the wedding season has just started, and I bet it has already taken a toll on you. I personally hate attending weddings for the simple fact that you have to ‘get ready’ and get out of your super comfy jammies to wear something totally uncomfy (although pretty 🙄)
In just two weeks I attended a grand destination wedding, a rajput wedding, a brahman wedding, a punjabi wedding and a sindhi roka….phew! 
So here are some simple hacks for all those girls who hate getting ready during wedding season but in the end want to look good too 😛

  1. What to Wear: Everyone has a different style and various types of clothings at home. The simplest trick is to keep pairing your clothes with different colours all together. Trust me, it helps you in spending less on clothes and makes you look stylish. For example, you can pair your lehanga or skirt with a cape, shirt or a crop top; everytime you will have a different look. 
  2. Make-up: I hate make-up! For the simple fact that my skin is unable to breathe under it. My friend, Vrinda Ranga (who loves make up and is a pro at it) suggested Lakme 9-5 Foundation Moouse and (http://www.nykaa.com/lakme-9-to-5-weightless-mousse-foundation.html), and it’s just amazing! All you have to do is apply it like a normal cream and you are done! I personally can’t live without Kajal and Eyeliner. Along with this just apply a lipstick and tada you are ready!  
  3. How to look fresh: One simple trick, which you all have heard is drink lots of water. Whenever you feel tired just gulp down two glasses of water, hyderating your body will help you glow and have energy. Other than this I use Body Shop’s Vitamin C Facial Polish (http://www.nykaa.com/the-body-shop-vitamin-c-facial-cleansing-polish.html) it’s a scrubber and makes my skin glow in just ten minutes. 
  4. Jewellery: In jewellery always go for a contrast if you want both your outfit and jewellery to stand out. I am in love with fashion jewellery for now and my favourite brands are the Finura by Richa (http://instagram.com/finura_by_richa), Amrapali (http://instagram.com/amrapalijewels) and Jewellery by Astha Jagwani (http://instagram.com/jewellerybyasthajagwani) They are all easily available through online shopping. I am wearing Finura by Richa in the picture above
  5. What to Eat at Weddings: The most difficult thing to do during wedding season is avoiding the extra kilos :/ you want to try every new cuisine you see. I apply only two rules; I try to eat my last meal of the day by 8:30 latest and secondly I eat very small portions of everything I want to eat. Along with that I drink lots of water.
  6. The Perfect Selfies: Having a perfect selfie is more important than anything nowadays. These two apps will definitely help you ace your selfie game; Beauty Plus and Perfect365

In the end, it’s all about having fun with your loved ones and dancing carefree to the bhangra beats. I hope these simple things help you pass the ‘shaadi season’ with ease and enjoy to the fullest!


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