Who doesn’t love to travel? We all have that travel bug in us who wants to see the ‘whole new world ‘ but some of us can be a bit forgetful while travelling. Ever since my marriage I have been travelling a lot …Since my plans are usually last moment, I follow a checklist to pack. Hope its helpful for you too!

1. Not-so-big handbags: I love to carry big handbags but as I travelled, more I realised that you need a compact yet spacious bag which actually takes in all your stuff quite easily. The most important thing when buying a handbag for travelling purpose is that it should not have much of a weight of its own


2. Handbag Essentials: When I am travelling, my handbag means the world to me. I keep my glares, a spare kajal, lipgloss, phone, kindle, band-aid, travel perfume, mints, Swiss knife, lots of tissues, sanitizer, mini umbrella and a sanitary pad with the cutest sanitary pad holder which you can find at Felt Fetish http://instagram.com/felt.fetish .

3. Electronics : The most important thing that pops in our mind first is the phone. Yes, of course phones and also all the accessories related to it i.e. Battery charger, earphones, selfie stick and a fully charged battery bank. My tried-and-tested and favourite is a Sony battery bank easily available online http://www.amazon.in/Sony-CP-V10A-WC-10000mAH-Power/dp/B01700R49W?tag=googinhydr18418-21&tag=googinkenshoo-21&ascsubtag=ff83cffb-b833-43a6-ae51-ab16723da6f8 .

4. Cosmetics: You need to carry your sunscreen any and everywhere you go, I am in love with the Biotique Aloe Vera sunscreen, I have been using it since forever! http://www.nykaa.com/biotique-bio-aloe-vera-ultra-soothing-body-sun-lotion-spf-50-sunscreen.html . I feel one must not carry too many cosmetics. I generally carry two lipsticks one can be a nude colour and the other a darkshade. My current favourite in nude is MAC Mehr http://www.nykaa.com/luxe/m-a-c-matte-lipstick-mehr.html and in dark tone is Kylie Jenner’s 22. For kajal I always take a fat crayon kajal from Kiko which fulfills my need of a kajal as well as a liner. For night I carry a simple moisturiser from Body Shop which helps my skin maintain freshness during travel http://www.nykaa.com/skin-care/face/face-night-cream/the-body-shop-wild-moisture-white-shiso-whitening-night-treatment.html?root=catg&ptype=product&moreoffers=Y .

5. Toiletries Bag: All the necessities are always in this bag! So ladies, I would say always keep it ready so that you just have to put it in your travel bag and you are ready to go. This bag essentially has soap, face wash, perfume, handwash and a razor. 

6. Clothes: Ofcourse the clothes will be according to your destination but always go to Pinterest for suggestions, it makes your job easy to pack https://in.pinterest.com/ . A little tip from my side, pack an extra pair of clothes as you should be ready for anything. I always carry a warm stole with me.

7. Footwear: The white converse are high in fashion and demand and can be a really good option as its comfy and goes with any and everything. Though my latest preference has turned out to be Vans shoes, they are ultra comfy and unique https://www.ajio.com/b/vans . Take a cool slip on with you also. If you going to a beachy place you need cute flip flops, if going to a place where you need to walk a lot you need nice comfy shoes and if you going to a party place take your beautiful flat sandles. 

I am wearing super comfy Vans loafers in this picture

8. Mini Emergency Kit: This kit basically has all the medicines you require if you get ill. Medicines should be for fever, fatigue, cold, motion sickness and stomach ache. Along with medicines I carry band aids, mini sewing kit, nail cutter and cotton. My emergency kit is always ready, you can do the same!

9. Lingerie Bags: You can get really cute bags in the market to keep your clean and dirty lingerie separately, I have one from Marks and Spencer.

10. A notebook or a Journal: This is my favourite part about travelling, I always carry a notebook to save my favourite memories of the trip which i can cherish for life or later on maybe get it framed.

A glimpse of my travel journal 🙂

Lastly, while packing you need that special person who will stand on your head and tell you again and again to pack less 😛

In the end its all about the experience you are going to gain from travelling and memories to cherish all your life. So don’t forget to do it stylishly…..


4 thoughts on “10 Travel Essentials for every not so Organised Girl 

  1. I guess my checklist is right here for the next time I have travel plans. Though I would add cotton buds and tooth picks to the mini emergency kit (somebody around will always ask for it 😉) and of course that li’l journal is such a cute idea to flip back to those memories and the beautiful places visited. I think I’ll definitely develop one of those now. So, this just makes me more prepared in fact waiting for the next trip 😄

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