The winters are about to be over, and before you know the summers will be here! And that stubborn belly fat is going to show-off through your clothes. I hope these easy weight reducing hacks will make you ready for SUMMERS. 

  1. Drink your H2O: Drink lots of water! I have noticed most of the time that when my stomach is empty it’s not food but water that it needs. I am thirsty and not hungry. That doesn’t mean you should just drink water all day long! Drink water half an hour before every meal. Don’t drink water between and just after your meals.
    A cute handy bottle of water can motivate you to drink more water
  2. Meals: My grandfather always followed the saying ‘ Eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and dinner like a Pauper’. I have always followed his saying and it has helped me a lot. Eat lots of fruits during breakfast and have something filling. DON’T EAT JUNK BETWEEN MEALS. If you feel hungry between meals (which you will) you can hog on to fruit chaat, suji biscuits and bhelpuri without potatoes. ADD SPICES TO YOUR MEALS. AVOID FRIED FOOD.
    Spice it up!
  3. Last meal of the day: Eat your last meal of the day before 8 pm. Have something light like idlis, upma, salad, uttapam, soup or brown bread vegetable sandwiches. 
    Add colours in your bowl for dinner:)
    The yum Chand Upma 😛
  4. Late Night Munchies: When you eat at 8 pm you are bound to get hungry at night. DRINK MILK, , EAT DRY FRUITS, SALTY MAKHANE and FRUITS. 
  5. Cut down on salt and sugar: Restrict your salt and sugar intake, they encourage bloating. That doesn’t mean that you cut out on it 100%, a little of both is necessary for healthy functioning of the body 
  6. Wonder Soup: I drink my mom’s wonder soup at night when I really need to reduce and cut down on my fat. This soup is filling and yum. All you need to do is cut capsicum, cabbage, tomatoes and carrots and boil it in water. Put salt, black and white pepper for taste. These veggies fill your stomach and have weight reducing qualities.
  7. Use Stairs: If you have to climb till the eighth floor, I know the whole idea of climbing the stairs makes you run towards the lift. But you can climb the stairs till the floor your stamina allows and take a lift from that floor 😛
  8. Green Tea: Substitute your masala teas with green tea as often as possible. You take more sugar through teas all day long than the desserts you have! You can try exciting flavours of TYPHOO green tea ( specialise in exotic fruit flavours such as blackcurrent, orange and more. 
    Yum Typhoo Green Tea. My personal favourite is black currant flavour
  9. Change Postures: if you have a sitting job try to change postures in every half hour or so. Whenever talking on the phone walk and talk (as the idea brand suggests us)
  10. Cinnamon Tea: Before going to bed make cinnamon tea for yourself. It helps in increasing your metabolism for the next day. 

The most important thing is stress less in life. Do things that make you feel happy about yourself. Smile! Be happy and SHINE ON!

All picture courtesy: Vaibhav Jain ( & Sakhi Semant Harish ( without them this or any of my blog is impossible ❤️


2 thoughts on “Making Fat run without running!

  1. Run fat without running…sounded like hoping against hope…but after reading this,it doesn’t seem so impossible,although it’s not a miracle and has to be followed religiously. I think The meals rule can be of great help and will surely try the wonder soup.
    Idea is motivating since years to walk and talk, it depends on how long we take to make it a part of routine.

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